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Meet The Maker and Youtube Content

I have probably mentioned it in passing, but in school I studied Film Production and Cinematography. I loved it then and I love it now, however, the lifestyle that comes with the career was just not for me, if you know anyone who works in the industry you know what i’m talking about haha. Endless hours, minimal pay (if any), you pretty much can’t have a life outside of it if you want to work your way up. Long story short, it just did not work for me. However, it has been difficult to feel like I completely gave up on that dream and to not work on any video formatted projects. That is when I realized I was ignoring a pretty prominent form of content for small businesses and makers. Youtube!

Sure sitting in front of a camera on a tripod is not the same as making an actual film, but I would still get to edit and be a little creative with it. I didn’t fully comprehend how difficult it was to be in front of the camera rather than behind it haha. Back to the point, I have decided to start utilizing video format content! I have not formulated an entire plan for how I will be using it, but for now it will mostly be to add a visual aspect to yarn reviews, but who knows, maybe one day I will use it to ass video instructions to patterns. Who knows what the future holds! I am really excited to start experimenting with Youtube and to see what kind of new and fun content I can share with you guys!

In the mean time, I also figured that it is likely that no one would care to watch me sit awkwardly in front of a camera and talk about yarn if they don’t know anything about me, so to start things off I made a little Meet The Maker Video so you can get to know a little bit more about me if you care haha (if you don’t that is alright too).

I hope to start making Yarn Reviews and some other fun stuff on Youtube soon and I hope you enjoy it!  Honestly making the decision to start doing this was not an easy one. Putting yourself out there on any kind of social media is always a risk because people can be so judgmental and cruel, and in my opinion I see this kind of behavior the most of Youtube. However, when you are a maker I think you really need to focus on taking everything people say with a grain of salt and to not take things personally. I have a huge problem with taking things personally, but I don’t think I am doing myself any favors by shielding myself from trying new things because I am afraid of what people might say and think, at the end of the day I am still going to be me, I am still going to love crochet and yarn even if people think that makes me “boring” or “weird”. In reality, loving crochet doesn’t make me either of those things, it just makes me different, which is not a bad thing even though people act like it is. I think the moral of the story is don’t let the fear of what other people might say or thing stop you from being who you are and trying new things! I know that is always easier said than done, but in reality those comments are often going to come from strangers who are taking their own problems out on other people and at the heart of it, their comments really have more to do about them than anything about you.

I’m going to try to face my fears of what people might say or think by tackling this new journey and I’m excited to see what you guys think!

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