Yarn OverBoard Podcast

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Yarn OverBoard Podcast!

Get it?? like Yarn Over, but also sometimes you feel like you are drowning in yarn, so Overboard feels pretty appropriate. This is a podcast dedicated to the makers in the fiber arts community! Over the past few years, I have noticed that as creators we have so many similarities that I think are not only fun, but important to share together so that the community can feel more connected and each of us can know that we are not alone in the challenges we face as makers, as well as the excitement we have towards our craft!

So I figured what better way to connect with the community than by talking directly to all of these amazing makers and discussing topics that we can all relate to! We all have different wisdom to share and sometimes just need the platform to share it on, I am hoping that this Podcast can become a helpful platform for us to all share our thoughts and experiences as makers in the fiber arts community!

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