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The Harvest Sweater Crochet Pattern

As someone who is cold almost all the time, I LOVE sweaters. No matter how hot is it, I always take a sweater with me because I know the second the sun goes down or the wind picks up, I’m going to get cold. With that being said, you would think one of my favorite things to design would be sweaters, but I don’t think that is the actual reality of the situation. I have narrowed this fact down to two reason, 1) I always convince myself I can make a sweater in one day and it will be a fast project, but then that doesn’t happen, and 2) designing sweaters intimidates me, I’m not entirely sure why, but it does haha.

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The Toasted Marshmallow Poncho Crochet Pattern

Like many people, I absolutely love everything about Fall. However, the one thing that I don’t love is that, every year, sometime around the transition from Summer to Fall, I tend to get a little unmotivated and uninspired. In a lot of ways I think it makes sense, the “excitement” of summer starts to dwindle and the sun goes down earlier, my surroundings change, so my mood usually changes with it.

Since this is the first year that I have been creating my own designs, the hardest part about the season transition was that my designs had to transition with it, which threw me into a complete whirlwind. I had gotten so used to designing lacy tops and skirts, that when I realized that I had to shift mindsets and start working on sweaters and other warm garments, I just didn’t know what to do. My mind went completely blank on how to make my design style work with thicker yarns and heavier garments, long story short, it has not been a fun time.

If there is anything that I have learned about myself over the past few years it is that I pretty much need a creative outlet at all times to stay truly happy. With this being said, I kinda of disappeared for a little bit in order to give myself a little bit of a break, but I have been trying to push through it, so I’m finally back with a new cozy pattern to share! The Toasted Marshmallow Poncho!

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The Jasmine Bralette Crochet Pattern

Although I grew up in LA, I have never really been a summer person for some reason. I think it’s because I do not do well in the heat, in fact I don’t do well in almost any temperature, i’m always either too cold or too hot. However, recently I have been trying to warm up to the idea of summer (see what I did there?). Honestly it is probably because of the fashion aspect of it, I’m trying to learn how to dress according to season, which is kind of difficult sometimes especially when it comes to summer.

There is so much to take into consideration when it comes to summer, you can be melting and you still aren’t allowed to walk around topless like guys can. You need to find the fine line between not dying and not being too revealing, because you know heaven forbid people see a human body and get all judgmental and offended.

Personally I find it hard to feel fashionable in a tank top and shorts, some people can make it look amazing, but I am not one of those people haha, thus the Jasmine Bralette came to life! I wanted to make something breezy, a little longer than just a normal bralette, and I wanted it to be cute! So let’s dive into the pattern!

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The Ariel Top Crochet Pattern

I had been wanting to make an off the shoulder top for some time but never quite got around to it till now. In fact making this top wasn’t even my first idea originally. I came up with a design that needed a lot of yarn in a lot of different colors, all of which I ordered, only to discover that the design might have been too ambitious. In general, I really don’t like giving up on things, but I am also trying to work on admitting when I am tackling a project that I’m not ready for yet and my original idea was definitely one of those projects. So there I was with a mountain of yarn and no idea what to use it for (not that that isn’t a constant state of life for us fiber artists). Then I remembered my long lost Off The Shoulder concept! Once I had finished it, it somehow made me think of Ariel from the little mermaid, this is probably due to the fact that I love Disney and will always manage to bring everything back to it haha, therefore it earned the name The Ariel Top!

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The Tiana Top Crochet Pattern

If you don’t already know, it will become very obvious very soon that I absolutely love everything Disney. Lately I have been trying out the method of finding inspiration for designs through dates (not like romantic, but on a calendar haha). So my last pattern was in honor of Valentine’s Day and I decided to focus on Mardi Gras for this one! Now to tie that back to my love of Disney, usually the second I think of Mardi Gras I think of Princess and The Frog, which is one of my favorite Disney movies. Additionally, Tiana is hands down my favorite Disney Princess so it was kind of a no brainer to me to name the design after her. As traditional Mardi Gras Colors are Green, Gold, and Purple, I decided to use a green yarn and added some hints of gold for some flare. I had intended to actually post this on or before Mardi Gras, but life happens and sometimes our schedules get derailed, so I apologize for the delay!

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The Guinevere Bralette Crochet Pattern

After years of not liking the color pink because “It’s too girly”, I have finally warmed up to it, if not become slightly obsessed with the color. Therefore it has been a real struggle coming up with the will power to not create all my designs in some shade of pink. However, I figured if there was any piece where I could let it slide it would be this Valentine’s Day inspired design!

As winter feels like it is coming to an end in Southern California (although for most people it never began, but for someone like me who is perpetually cold at any temperature below 75 degrees, the situation is slightly different) I have been trying to work with some cotton yarns. Most of my local craft/yarn stores don’t carry any cotton yarn other than Lily’s Sugar and Cream and, while it is great for a lot of things, I have found that it is a little bit too thick for a lot of my designs. So on my quest for a thinner cotton yarn, I happened upon the Gazzal brand on Amazon! I learned the hard way that ordering yarn online is some serious risky business, but I decided to try my luck this time and, to be honest, I was not disappointed!

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