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The Lemon Drop Apron Crochet Pattern

As you may or may not know, my day job is being an assistant manager at an Italian Restaurant, which is interesting for a lot of reasons, but also not what I want to do for the rest of my life for a lot of reasons. By the end of this post, the fact that I work in a restaurant will be relevant to the pattern, but for now my actual intention of bringing it up is not so direct. Working in a restaurant, you are very aware of annual events. For example, you learn not to work on Mothers Day because it will be the most crowded and dramatic day of the year, and you learn not to work Super Bowl Sunday because there will not be a single person in the restaurant, but you will have a bunch of guys ordering large quantities on pizza and only tip depending on how their team is doing. Moving this along to the point haha, we are currently in Graduation season which has led me to be wildly aware of the fact that I graduated high school a whopping 7 years ago. SEVEN YEARS. SO much has changed in the past seven years, my life is almost completely different than it was 7 years ago, and one thing that is incredibly different is my fashion sense. Things have a come a long way from have absolutely zero interest/competence where fashion in involved. I think by the last few months of senior year I was finally considering wearing dresses without jeans underneath, but I had not yet accomplished this. Once I started college I started taking it more seriously and I’m not going to even try to lie, it was partially because I was taking trying to get a boyfriend more seriously haha. Fast forward 3 years, I finally accomplished finding a boyfriend and suddenly I realized that what I chose to wear felt like it was now just for me and not to impress anyone. This shift in mentality really changed the whole idea of fashion for me, which is probably what lead to this entire crochet clothing adventure.

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The Harper Cardigan Crochet Pattern

You know that game where someone says a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind and that cycle just kind of continues? I feel like that is how I name my designs haha. It is no secret that a lot of my designs have some kind of Disney related influence and this one is no exception. While all of my designs so far have been inspired by different Disney characters, I attempted to have this design be inspired by a Disney Landmark rather than a person. I have always felt this desire to translate landscapes and environments into a piece of clothing, which has proven to be a very challenging concept to explain and execute, but I figured what better place to start than a place that is very significant to my life, Disneyland.

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