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The Frontier Shawl Collaboration with Furls Crochet

I am so excited to share that I have done another CAL with Furls Crochet! If you aren’t familiar with CAL’s, CAL is just a fancy abbreviated way of saying Crochet Along, in which a free pattern, rather than being posted in its entirety, has a section posted each week (for any number of weeks) and people can follow along with the pattern as it progresses. Cute right?

This time I created The Frontier Shawl, a simple and fun filet crochet project! I had never done filet crochet before this, but it is SO much fun and there is so much you can do with! I certainly can’t wait to do more projects with it!

frontier shawl banner

You can follow this link to the pattern on their blog which will be updated in accordance with the schedule below!

July 9th- Supply List
July 16th – Part One
July 23th- Part Two

July 30th- Part Three

Now if you don’t know who Furls Crochet are, they make several different styles of ergonomic hooks (hooks that aim to minimize hand/wrist pain) that are all absolutely gorgeous. Of course you can create this design with any hook you’d like, but I do highly recommend giving Furls a try sometime if you haven’t already! 

frontier shawl back view

I named this piece The Frontier Shawl mostly because I hadn’t ever really wanted to design a shawl until I saw so many beautiful ones on the show When Calls The Heart. If you haven’t seen this show, for one, it is great for binge watching, and second it has really inspiring costume design! I never knew I loved frontier fashion until now haha. I really hope that you guys enjoy this pattern and as always, feel free to ask any questions you may have about it, or any pattern, or anything crochet related and I will be happy to help!

4 thoughts on “The Frontier Shawl Collaboration with Furls Crochet

  1. Filet crochet is one of my favorite types of crocheting! I’m thankful that you’re sharing this with us!


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