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Bow Tie Top McCall’s Sewing Pattern Review

Since I recently started sewing, I thought the best way to share my projects (with a purpose) is to do some sewing pattern reviews whenever I make a new piece! Do people do sewing pattern reviews? I swear I have seen them before, but of course now that I am specifically looking for some to reference, I cannot find a single one. I’m sure it’s a thing though.

While this isn’t the first pattern that I am following, I think it is likely going to be the first review that I post because I am so incredibly behind on taking photos of the finished garments (woops), but let’s go on and dive into this pattern review shall we?

Front bow

Choosing the Pattern and Fabric

So when I began looking for a new pattern to follow, I knew that I wanted to focus on making tops for a while. The first pattern I ever followed was for a dress that wasn’t quick beginner friendly, so since then I decided that I should step back for a few projects and learn a little bit more before I tackle dresses again.

I am super guilty of being attracted to clothes that may be cute, but aren’t super practical or comfortable, so with that in mind I wanted to try to find patterns that I knew would be flattering, but also easy to wear.

I’ve only realized in the past couple years that I am truly a girly girl at heart, so if something has a bow on it, i’m immediately drawn to it. With that in mind, is it any wonder this is the pattern that I chose?

I decided to go with the McCall’s M7752 Misses’ Top Pattern.

McCall's Pattern M7752

I have been loving browsing the fabric aisles and there are so many cute fabrics I grab for smaller projects, but when it comes to choosing fabrics for garments, I have been rather picky.

Recently I have noticed that I tend to play it safe with the colors and patterns I choose for my clothing, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have been wanting to step out of my comfort zone lately. I saw this bold colorful wave pattern and knew it would be great for this blouse. I know this fabric pattern is a little funky and not for everyone, but I really enjoy it!

Initial Thoughts

I had purchased a couple different patterns when I picked this one up and actually didn’t intend to make this one first because I thought it seemed a little more difficult than some of the other options. However, once I opened up the first pattern I realized that I accidentally purchased the wrong size. I wasn’t about to let a night of productivity go to waste, so I decided to do this pattern first after all.

Upon reviewing the instructions, I realized that this pattern is a McCall’s “Create It” pattern, in which you are supposed to mix and match different parts on the pattern to make your ideal top! I hadn’t seen a pattern like that yet (and clearly didn’t realize that when I purchased it). While I thought this was a really cool idea, I also started to think that it might make the process a little more complicated to understand, thankfully it didn’t!


There were quite a few mix and match options for this pattern, but I decided to go for the bow front (2), single peplum (6) and straps (4)

McCall's Pattern M7752

Overall, the instructions are very easy to follow, there really aren’t any curveballs. This was my first time following a McCall’s pattern and the construction process is definitely more refined than the cheaper patterns out there.

Not that it is revolutionary, but this pattern calls for lining and boning, which were two things I never worked with (1 of which I still haven’t worked with). I did partake in trying out lining for the first time, but I decided to forgo the boning. It didn’t specify, but after a few try on’s I feel like it would only have been necessary if you decided to make a strapless top. I’m sure it would help give the top more structure, but I still decided i didn’t need it.

This pattern also called for an invisible zipper, which I was pretty terrified of, I have purposefully been avoiding projects with zippers, but much to my amazement I actually found a really easy way to install them, as long as it’s a back zipper. Ultimately you baste the opening where the zipper will be closed, press the hem open and sew the zipper onto the pressed hem and when you are done you seam rip the original basted section and voila!


While the pattern itself was easy to follow, I did have a couple little hiccups during the construction process.

  1. Pattern Pieces – This could just be because I am a beginner, but there were 2 or 3 pattern pieces in which the cut lines were rather confusing to know where to follow. From a beginner’s eye, it wasn’t immediately intuitive, so in the end I just kind of winged it, but I think I got it right??
  2. Interfacing – Literally the first step is to iron interfacing onto all of the bra pieces and I went ahead and completely forgot to do it. I’m sure it would have been useful to have, but I still think my top looked good and felt stable and comfortable without it
  3. Bow Hem – The second step is to sew a narrow hem onto the front bow overlay. I thought that this part seemed weird because the drape of bows is unpredictable, so you would likely have times where the wrong side of the fabric would be showing when you wear the top. I thought maybe there was an extra step later to address that, but there wasn’t. So if you have a problem with the wrong side of the fabric and the hem being visible, I would get a little extra fabric and have the bow be double sided, it may add a little bit of bulk, but i’m sure it would be fine.
  4. Fabric Pattern – Again this is probably because I am a beginner, but if you have a single direction pattern, be sure to really pay attention to how you attach the pieces. I attached the opposite pieces quite a few times which cause some of the waves to be upside down and had to do a lot of seam ripping and restitching to fix it. Don’t be like me haha.
  5. Straps – When I tried to measure how long i needed my straps to be, I tried them on with my posture being” proper”, however, in most cases I don’t actually stand that straight, so once I sewed them on, they were far too loose when I naturally slouched a little. So make sure you test our your strap length a couple times before you sew them on.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed this pattern/ garment. The fact that it was mix and match as really fun and easy to follow. I mean part of making your own clothes is to make them super customized to your style right? So this is the perfect kind of pattern to make something that is true to you!

Although McCall’s patterns are a little more pricey, I really loved all of the detail of the pattern and the quality of the finished garment as well, so I will definitely be getting more of their patterns in the future!

If you are thinking of trying this pattern out, I hope any amount of this information helped you out!

Top Front View
Top Back View
Top Front View
Top Back View
Top Side View
Top Front View

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