Casale Crafts Podcast

Yarn OverBoard Podcast Episode 3

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Yarn OverBoard Podcast! On todays episode we have my boyfriend Nick, to help me is discuss how starting a creative business may affect your relationship.

Not too often, but occasionally I have heard people comment on how their partner is very critical of their choice to become an entrepreneur. When I first saw evidence of this, I was shocked.

Thankfully Nick has always been very supportive of my efforts to try to turn Casale Crafts into more than a hobby, so the thought of a partner having any kind of obvious unsupportive attitude was a little foreign to me.

It got me thinking that although Nick and I are very communicative about what I am pursuing, I have also never really stopped and asked him how all of this affects him and our relationship.

With that being said, that is the exactly thing we tackled in this episode! We covered a couple of interesting topics…

  • Balancing Work/Relationship Time Management
  • Expectations Of Support
  • Affect On Finances When Starting A business
  • Is It “Worth” The Effort You Put In?
  • Do You Have An Interest In Your Partners Business?

This isn’t a topic that I hear a lot of people in the community talk openly about, which makes sense, you aren’t ever obligated to share bits of your personal life with your audience if you choose not. However, since Nick and I have been open with each other throughout this process, he was more than happy to share his thoughts and experiences on the topic!

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