Yarn OverBoard Podcast

Yarn OverBoard Podcast Episode 2

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the second episode of the Yarn OverBoard a Crochet Podcast!

I had so much fun with the first podcast episode and I couldn’t wait to jump into making more and talk to more of the hard working and inspiring makers in the community.

When I first had the idea to make this podcast, I already had a list of people that I immediately knew I would want to interview as soon as possible, one of them being todays guest!

On this episode I will be chatting with the ever so lovely Nicole Rogowski of Woven Tales Designs! When I first saw her work I had myself a little fan girl moment because she was showcasing so many amazing Disney Inspired Designs, which really is design goals for me!

Nicole and I got to talking and immediately clicked and was more than happy to join us on the Podcast and spill on some of her design processes when it comes to drawing inspiration from character and pop culture references!

Nicole Rogowski
Nicole Rogowski
(Woven Tales Designs)

Nicole of Woven Tales Designs has been crocheting and learning about the maker world for the past seven years and counting.  With her interest in creativity, all things Disney, and the world of design, she constantly is drawn to the next project!  Her Etsy shop is her baby (est. 2017), and she is proud to debut another new maker outlet this Spring 2019!  She’s happily married to her husband Tony, and is the fur mommy of two cats (Jaxie & Oliver) and a Doberman Pinscher (Cairo).  She hopes to bring her own maker magic to the world one stitch at a time!

Woven Tales Designs Instagram
Woven Tales Designs Etsy Shop

On this episode, Nicole and I are going to talk a little bit about…

  • How to take elements from pop culture characters and translate them into designs
  • How to gauge the success of a design
  • How to deal with concerns of providing for your audience while maintaining creative freedom

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