Yarn OverBoard Podcast

Yarn OverBoard Podcast Episode 1

Hello Everyone!

Today I am super thrilled to share with you the first ever episode of the Yarn OverBoard Podcast!

This year a main of mine has been to learn, not just within crochet but also learn more about myself and different areas of life that i’ve never quite had the time or energy to focus on.

Another goal of mine is to be more active in getting to know the other makers in the Crochet and Fiber Arts Community, so i figured what better way to learn and open up conversation with other creative minds than with a podcast?

So today we have a very special guest, Harrison Richards, founder and owner of Furls Crochet! If you don’t know about Furls, don’t worry, you are definitely going to know all about them after this episode! You can also check out some of their social media links below as well!

Harrison Richards
Harrison Richards

Harrison Richards, the founder and owner of Furls Crochet, is a Texas based designer who began making crochet hooks in his parents garage with the hopes of turning it into a business.

With the aim to bridge the gap in the market for stylish and ergonomic crochet hooks, Furls is now the leading international brand for luxury ergonomic crochet hooks.

Harrison has brought this company a long way since its inception and is still going full steam ahead with expanding the business. So expect lots of fun and exciting things from them in the future!

Furls Website
Furls Instagram
Furls Facebook

Today we are going to cover a few things!

  • How Furls got started
  • Where the inspiration for hook designs come from
  • How to stay motivated when turning your hobby into a business
  • Market Demand Vs. Creative Freedom

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