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Ocean Breeze Desk Mat Crochet Pattern

I have come to the realization that I never let myself do any “simple” projects. In my mind, creating things that aren’t elaborate feels like a waste of time, which of course isn’t true. I stress myself out a lot over projects not being “good enough” or “unique enough”, when the truth is what I really shouldn’t wast my time on, is worrying about things not being perfect all of the time. It is an idea that I am trying to get used to, so I really want to  let myself feel more comfortable writing more simple patterns that don’t take weeks to design and are just easy, fun, and cute. So the first pattern that I came up with on this new journey is The Ocean Breeze Desk Mat!

For anyone that doesn’t know me in real life, I almost exclusively crochet in bed because I enjoy being comfortable haha, but that is perhaps not the most productive or healthy way to work. With that being said I have been putting in effort enticing myself to actually work at my desk for once in my life haha. I figured what better way to do that than to make my desk pretty and therefore inviting. Ultimately I think making it the “clutter safe zone” will be the best plan of action, but let’s be honest, it will probably still manage to get messy again eventually. I can dream though.

I had been wanting to make a nice desk mat for a while to make the space a more pleasant place to work, but just had never gotten around to it. We recently painted out bedroom a beautiful and calming sea foam green which really inspired me to aim for the nautical home decor that I have always wanted haha. Therefore I thought that this desk mat was a good place to start!

The Ocean Breeze Desk Mat is super easy to work up, honestly it probably can be worked up in just one day! I had thought about adding some custom little knick knacks to it, but I figured that was going against the whole point, so it is simple just a rectangle with a pretty pattern, so let’s dive in!


  • DROPS Paris (Recycled Denim) in Light Blue (101)
  • DROPS Paris in White (16)
  • 4.00 Crochet Hook
    • I used a Furls Crochet Hook, I recently got my hands on one and they are so beautiful and comfortable!


  • Suzette Stitch –


  • SC- Single Crochet
  • DC- Double Crochet
  • CH – Chain
  • C1 – Color 1
  • C2 – Color 2


Chain 80+1 (or however long you wish your mat to be, just make sure that it is a multiple of 2 +1)

Row 1: 

Working with C1

  1. Work 1 SC into the first stitch
  2. Work 1 DC in that same stitch
  3. Skip 1 stitch
  4. Work 1 SC into the following stitch
  5. Work 1 DC into the same stitch
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you reach the last stitch of the row
  7. Work 1 SC into the last stitch
  8. Chain 1 and turn

Row 2-4:

Repeat Row 1, 3 more times so that you have a total of 4 rows of C1

Row 5-8:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C2

Row 9-12:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C1

Row 13:

Repeat Row 1 for 1 row in C2

Row 14:

Repeat Row 1 for 1 row in C1

Row 15:

Repeat Row 1 for 1 row in C2

Row 16-19:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C1

Row 20-23:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C2

Row 24-26:

Repeat Row 1 for 3 rows in C1

Row 27-30:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C2

Row 31-33:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C1

Row 34:

Repeat Row 1 for 1 row in C2

Row 35:

Repeat Row 1 for 1 row in C1

Row 36:

Repeat Row 1 for 1 row in C2

Row 37-40:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C1

Row 41-44:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C2

Row 45-48:

Repeat Row 1 for 4 rows in C1


Tie off and weave in the ends and you are done! The Suzette Stitch creates a really beautiful diamond effect without you having do actually create diamonds! Personally I think that this makes my desk look 100x better and males it feel like an actual work space rather than the place you put everything that doesn’t have a designated spot yet haha. But yes like I said it is a very straightforward and simple pattern, but it’s also really stylish and cute for not a whole lot of effort!

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